Heel Keeper

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$45 – $84 per unit

The Heel Keeper is the superior, cost effective and safe substitute for traditional off-loading boots used to prevent and treat pressure ulcers of the heel and ankle. This is a cost effective and compliance-enhancing replacements for traditional off-loading boots. perfect for inpatients, outpatients and nursing facility residents.

9 out of 10 wound care clinicians would recommend Ulcer Solutions products for their patients.

  • Easy and safe for walking and maximizes mobility
  • Comfortably floats the heel
  • Enhances patient compliance
  • Allows dressing changes and inspection without removal of the device

The Heel Keeper is a comfortable heel and ankle off-loading device designed for the prevention and treatment of foot, heel and ankle ulcers. Our physician designed, calf-cradling foam cushion floats the heel above the resting surface. The heel and foot are uncovered, easily allowing you to walk or stand without removing the device. An easily removable, non-roll wedge is attached to the lateral side of the device to prevent external rotation of the leg. The device is made from washable and anti-bacterial material.

U.S. Patent Pending 62/630,723, 62/637,053 The Ulcer Solutions and Heel Keeper marks are trademarks of Ulcer Solutions LLC, All rights reserved.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

(Measure circumference of ankle just above ankle bones)

STANDARD: Ankle circumference of 7-10.5in (18-27cm),
XL/BARIATRIC: Ankle circumference of 10.75in+ (27cm+)


Single Heel Keeper, Heel Keeper Two Pack, Heel Keeper 12 Pack, Heel Keeper XL 10 Pack

3 reviews for Heel Keeper

  1. Mary Beth J. (verified owner)

    When my husband recently had an ulcer on his heel, his doctor recommended the “heel keeper”. Chris Finley helped me order this product through this website when I got confused. His encouragement and advice helped so much.

    • Chris Finley (verified owner)

      Thank you for the kind words Mary Beth. I’m so glad your husband’s wound healed rapidly. Chris

  2. Shirley Kenney

    The Heel Keeper allows a person to walk without having to remove the offloading device esp at night to use the bathroom. Promotes healing is Much safer for pts thus promoting compliance for offloading.
    Thank you Dr Finley for making this wonderful product.

    • Chris Finley (verified owner)

      Thanks Shirley. It has been a great pleasure creating a better “mousetrap” to treat and prevent wounds of the heels and ankles. I appreciate your insight and comments immensely.

  3. Terrie

    Heel protector is an awesome off loading device and allows patient to ambulate or transfer safely when needed. All other offloading devices are bulky and slippery. The cost is also cheaper.

    • Chris Finley (verified owner)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts our Heel Keeper Terrie.

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