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$44 – $58 per unit

The Ankle Keeper (AK) is an effective, discreet and comfortable offloading device for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers on the ankle bones (malleoli). This innovative elastic aankle sleeve has a physician designed U shaped foam cushion located over the malleolus. The cushion sits inside the sleeve so that it easily slides with the patient and doesn’t get tangled with bed linens. The unique shape of the foam cushion is designed to allow lymphatic and edema drainage in the physiologic direction toward the heart, minimize edge effect and off-load the ankle bone (malleolus).

Sizes are based on ankle circumference not shoe size

Currently the only one of its' kind on the market, the Ankle Keeper is an innovative ankle offloading device that prevents and treats pressure ulcers on the ankle bones (malleoli), The device is made from anti-microbial and moisture wicking fabric and extremely comfortable due to its stretchability. The foam can be removed and washed, as can the sleeve. The sleeve is discreet and be worn with most shoes, alone or over compression garments, allowing complete freedom of movement.

U.S. Patent Pending 62/630,702.  The Ulcer Solutions and Ankle Keeper marks are trademarks of Ulcer Solutions LLC, All rights reserved.

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Weight N/A
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(Measure circumference of ankle just above ankle bones)

Small – (<7.5”) (<19.0cm)
Medium – (7.5-9.0”) (19.0-23cm)
Large – (9.0-10.5”) (23-27cm)
XL – (>10.5"+) (27cm+)


Single Ankle Keeper, Ankle Keeper Two Pack

2 reviews for Ankle Keeper

  1. Judy Moody (verified owner)

    We have used the Ankle Keeper since last July when we became aware of them. My husband could wear it easier more of the time as compared to the larger sponge boots he had tried previously and were very cumbersome and have limited times to use them. But the Ankle Keepers can be worn all the time with his shoes or slippers. We had also trimmed off the edge of his tennis shoe so it didn’t rub his ankle. My husband says it is very comfortable and he hardly notices it is there. We are now ordering our second one.

    • Chris Finley, MD, FACEP, CWSP (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Judy. I’m delighted the Ankle Keeper is working so well for your husband.

  2. Keith G.

    My wife, Jan loves her new Ankle Keeper. Her thoughts are that this new device has improved her quality of life and allowed her to sleep at night while protecting an ankle wound that has had difficulty healing. She could not be more pleased with what it is doing for her.  The cushion stays in place with the new design and works wonderfully.

    Keith G.

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